Why schweb design

We Create Profitable Websites

Schweb Design is a small team of web designers and marketing specialists who develop user-focused websites. We are inspired daily to create websites that tastefully combine simplicity and usability.

We do things differently. We approach our clients’ websites from the point-of-view that generating profit for them is the primary aim.  After our intense “marketing interviews” we put together a site that will increase your revenues while keeping the cost you pay for this low.  Read our " Kingdom of Web Story " to read the tale of website owners today and see if it appeals to you…

You even have control over how much $$$ you'd like to spend as well as how frequently. We will give you estimates on any project or bit of work.

Why schweb design

How Much Are You Paying for Hosting?

All Schweb Clients only pay $15.99 a month for hosting. That’s all. No limits, no restrictions.  Doesn’t matter how long or big your site is. 
Oh wait…there is a $19.95 a year fee for each domain- but that's it..
Switching your website over is very easy.  And….we give you the “keys.”  We immediately provide all the passwords so you can access email in a variety of ways, update files on your website, and log in to your website (if you have a CMS).  Your website will never be held hostage again, because YOU have the access. This arrangement works very well if you have some technical knowledge with websites. You'll never be subject to expensive hourly fees to make simple changes like other developers charge.

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It is evident that Schweb Design takes very seriously their commitment to each of their customers. Countless times they went over and above the call of duty to answer my questions and provide solutions for our various website needs. They make themselves very approachable, and are professional, honest, supportive, and detail-oriented. Definitely not your stereotypical 'computer geeks'!
~Dustin Kunkle
Triangle Communications

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When we work with you, we make sure you get exactly what you want. You have greater control over the website you end up with, it gets published faster, it is easy to add features, and communication is easier between us. This saves you time and money.

phone: (717) 715-0993
location: 342 East Main Street - Suite 200
Leola, PA 17540
Why schweb design Best Value

Web Renovations for only $114 an hour-
no minimums

So many of our clients don’t need a brand new site. Instead they just need to "renovate" the website they have. Maybe your computer tech guy threw something together for you, or the neighborhood geek who was a real “computer genius” came up with something. But did the original web designer understand the marketing of your business? After our marketing interview, we’ll be on our way to creating a website that is profitable for your business. And with our "Work - Publish" system, we can work at a pace that works within your budget- at the upfront price of $114 / hour. Not to mention there are no minimums. For example, if you just need a few things changed on your website that only take 15 minutes- it will only cost you $22.25. You only pay for the work we actually do.