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14.3. Menus

These are the primary navigation elements in your website. There are typically more than one set of menus, such as ‘Main menu, ‘Navigation’, or ‘Management’. Each set of menus is a block, and is assigned to one of the regions on your website. You can also create and add your own menu structures to a region as well.

Note: Although Drupal supports adding and changing menus on the fly, doing so may break your site ‘theme’, especially if graphics are involved. Please work with your site developer to ensure you can add/remove menu items safely.

Shown below are default menus that are provided with Drupal:

Default Drupal Menus

Below is an example of the Navigation menu.  You can use the drag-and-drop interface to organize, add, or edit existing links.

Drag-and-drop menu interface

Editing a menu item reveals the following options:

Editing a menu link

Again, please see your site developer to provide additional training and discussion on the use of menus.