2. Add an Email Account | Schweb Design, LLC

2. Add an Email Account

Email is an essential component of running a website and communicating with visitors, customers, and other businesses. This section outlines the simple steps to setting up a new email account on your domain.

  1. From the home panel, navigate to Email in the topmost bar.
  2. In the next page (seen below), fill out the information as needed:
    1. For the Email field, use something simple and obvious.
      Ex.: user's first and last name ("john.smith"), user's position in your organization ("webconsultant"), or department that it will go to ("marketing").
    2. For the Domain field, you will likely have only one option, which is the domain of your website. Choose this by default.
    3. For the Password field, use something memorable, with an added number, capital letter, or special symbol for added security.
      Make sure you memorize the password, as well as record it in a safe place.
    4. In most cases, you can ignore the Max Quota field.
    5. Click Create Account
  3. To help us best serve you, we recommend sending us your new email address and login credentials so we can back them up in our encrypted database.
  4. If you need help setting up your email on your phone or on Outlook, try following our guides (desktop Outlook / smartphones) or contact us.