3. Change Your Password | Schweb Design, LLC

3. Change Your Password

For security reasons, you may find the need to change your cPanel password periodically. This section explains how to do this step-by-step.

  1. From the home panel, click on your account name in the blue rectangle in the top left corner of the page, as pictured below:
  2. On the next page (seen below), fill out the fields as needed:
    1. For your new password, follow the recommendations on the page:
      1. "Do not use words that are in a dictionary, names, or any personal information (for example, your birthday or phone number)."
      2. "Avoid simple patterns. Instead, use UPPER and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Make certain that your password is at least eight characters long."
      3. "When you choose a new password, make certain that it is not related to your previous passwords."
    2. Make sure you memorize the password, as well as record it in a safe place.
    3. Click Change your password now!
  3. To help us best serve you, we recommend sending us your new email address and login credentials so we can back them up in our encrypted database.