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Drupal's recent highly critical security updates/patches

Is your Drupal website out-of-date or worse: hacked?

Drupal websites have recently seen several highly critical security updates and patches that affect versions 6, 7, and 8. Unless you patched your site quickly after these were released in March & April, it’s extremely likely you’re website has already been compromised.

Have I Been Hacked?

Have I Been Hacked?

If you’re looking at a site that’s been defaced, filled with Spam links, find your site has been disabled and replaced with a demand for money or you’ve found out that you got shut down by your web host for sending Spam, then you’ve probably been hacked.

Recently, the Schweb team worked on a site that had been hacked. This wasn’t an instance of national security, but to our customer, and to us, it was important.  Hackers exploited this site’s vulnerability. This site was built on Joomla. 

3 Social Media Mistakes and How to Stop Making Them

Smart phone sitting on notebook with Instagram on screen

With more and more people using social media there are more and more reasons to start using it as a way to promote your business. Social media can be a great tool for encouraging people to become new customers, earning customer loyalty and encouraging those customers to become repeat customers. But social media isn’t like other forms of advertising. These are some of the biggest mistakes that can hurt your efforts if you aren’t careful, but luckily they’re also some of the easiest to fix.

Why Schema Data Is Right for Your Website

Laptop sitting on desk with Google on screen

When thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) most people assume that having good content will be enough to ensure success on the results pages. While quality content is a huge factor, the computers that generate results for search engines are still not very good at figuring out what the content on your site is all about. Thankfully, there’s a structured way to tell search engines what kind of content you have. By including information in the form of data you can let sites like Google know what’s on your website.

How to Write Search Engine Friendly Content

Man Writing an SEO Friendly Blog Post

There are some simple steps you can take when writing content to improve the search friendliness and help your content be found.  We offer SEO plans which include content review and recommendations, but it's the most beneficial to have your content be SEO friendly right from the moment the content is freshly published.  While this article is mainly concerned with blogging, the topics covered are relevant to any content on your site.