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15 Email Designs Done Right (With Ideas for Inspiration Too)

mac computer for email designs

Email design is paramount. Eighty-nine percent of business people use email as their primary form of communication.  If you’ve ever heard “email marketing is dead” you’re being misinformed. In fact, there were 3.9 billion users in 2017. That’s billion. With a B.

Design, color, and content can help you stand out.

Content should always add value to the customer and build goodwill. It’s even better if the sender understands your brand so the users will automatically trust it. If you address your audience by their first name, the email recipient is 35% more likely to trust the content and read it.

Forecasts predict that by 2021, there will be 4.1 billion email marketing recipients. Add to that the fact that more than 89% of marketers send emails primarily for lead generation and professionals have a powerful tool to get the message across.

This fast and convenient marketing tactic means that in the United States alone more than $3.07 billion dollars will be spent in email marketing by 2019. Marketers are finding that the medium ROI if 122% greater than direct mail, PPC, and social media. Plus, more than 79% of B2B marketers think email marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website.

Email Design, Delivery, and Results

Not only does communication and color reinforce brand recognition, but it also elicits emotions and behaviors. The behavior marketers want is the click.

Colors can cause sadness, hunger, or relaxation. It reinforces a brand’s personality and values. Color may help establish the target market’s gender as well as their time, age, and energy.

By sending an email campaign between 10 a.m. or 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. marketers have the greatest likelihood of getting opens, clicks, and conversions preferably if it is done on a Tuesday or Thursday. This is marketing you can measure.

It’s impressive to notice that most emails are opened an hour after it’s received.  

It’s also best to tell readers if you’re sending one email or if you’re signing them up for an email blast that way, no one is violating the Can-Spam Act.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) insists that users mark a check box saying they know they’ll receive more than one email.

Scrub Your Email List

Know you’re sending emails to those who want it. Make sure to keep the list of emails to 100,000 or less. Scrub your list to get rid of inactive emails. The email list will shrink but engagement will go higher. It’s great to get the open rate to 20-30% so it stays out of the promotion email and instead goes to the inbox.

Lancaster Drupal Meetup Now, be advised if you’re adding images and videos to your emails it may go into the email itself may slip into the promotions or SPAM box. The best advice: keep it simple and well thought out.

Some email marketers only use text-based emails with simple links to drive users to one part of their site or to get some piece of a marketing promotion. This gets the message across quickly and bypasses SPAM boxes. It’s best not to add more than three links to the site because anything greater than that dilutes deliverability.

Plus, make sure to whitelist your emails. Use AOL and Return Path to get in the inbox. Gmail and Outlook don’t use whitelists.

Below, we’ll show you some email newsletter design ideas that you can begin to use on your next comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

Use Color Strategically with Email Designs

Simple designs with a pop of color can grab a prospect’s attention with simple-to-read fonts, an easy layout, and a memorable color. The image may stand out against other emails in the inbox. A bright pink call to action for a beer, meatball, and Drupal catches the eye and are effective design elements.

This email is personalized and will automatically fill in the recipient’s name with the merge tag *|FNAME| or *|FNAME|**|LNAME|*.  (This merge tag is specific to Mailchimp).

In an era of personalization, there are many things besides a name that makes a color-rich design even more personalized. Check with your audience to see if they want to answer questions, make your brand personalized with a photo of your own, make a personal email that takes customers to their own personalized landing page or personalize a color for a specific demographic.

Not ready to personalize it for a 35% boost? Focus on colors that make an impact.

Simple Email Newsletter Designs Work for Big Brands

In college, there was a professor who encouraged his class not to stuff their resumes with so much information that people’s eyeballs would gloss over and wouldn’t read it. The guys in the office call that “TLDR” for “too long didn’t read.”

A simple way to overcome this is to make a standout headline, keep information about your product or service to a minimum and flood the area with white space. Think about it like the bits of quiet in between musical notes. It’s underrated but highly effective.email design minimalism

White space (or negative space) forms a canvas where each element can stand out. Now white space doesn’t have to be super white. In fact, it could take on any color, pattern or texture. This isn’t wasted space. It’s a good design and just like the example with stuffing every bit of information available on your resume, don’t be surprised if you stuff your email so full that you meet the dreaded TLDR.

White space is effective because it makes content and the brand stand out in the forefront. There’s nothing to distract from the message. It can also take on a specific design tone. White space can take on the feel of minimalism. White space can help reinforce copy legibility and keep users focused on one core message. Great brands like Spotify, Apple, Harry’s, Lyft and Grammarly use lots of white space in their designs.

Often white can symbolize purity, innocence, and emptiness. It also feels peaceful and spacious and reflects the entire color spectrum to the eyes. Used too much and it can make the area feel empty and sterile.

Email Designs Can Have a Strong Photographic Element

Some brands do exceptionally well to show off their finished projects or simple adorable ones like puppies, kittens and baby animals.

Think about companies where you can show a before and an after image to visually express what the company does or sells. Lancaster Puppies: Puppies for Sale

Maybe it’s a weight loss company, an orthodontist who creates perfect smiles with pain-free braces, cosmetic surgeons, or even restoration companies. If you’re an architect show off all the buildings you’ve created around town.

Some email campaigns need very few words.

Great photographs of products, animals, services or whatever you’re selling can draw in prospects. These people want to look at what they’ll be receiving. The bright colors and the puppies (in this instance) draw a recipients’ attention directly to the email blast.

Email Design Templates Can Stand Out with Emotional Color Choices

Color directly impacts the brain and can cause or influence feelings of anxiety, arousal, and blood flow. It’s important to use intelligent colors to impart success in email campaigns.

A brilliant color palette with strong, vibrant tones and a unique concept is what makes email designs look like digital works of art. It turns out that various colors can have an emotional impact on viewers. That statement is somewhat subjective.

Warm colors can evoke many feelings from warmth, anger, and hostility. If you want to stimulate someone, use red, yellow or orange.

warm colors and feelings

If you want to feel soothed use cool colors. Blue, purple and green can evoke a sense of calmness, indifference or sadness.

cool colors and emotional impact

Color Impacts the Items You Buy Online

Color has a huge impact on buying decisions, too. In fact, more than 80% of customers say they buy a specific product based solely on color. Humans are visual creatures.

Red is a warm, dynamic color that has been known to stimulate appetites which are good for restaurants and adds to the feeling of love and passion. This color has been known to increase heart rates. This works great for floral designers who work with rich, red roses. It’s also been scientifically proven that people get better tips when they wear red.

Red can stand for:

  • blood
  • comfort
  • energy
  • enhances attention to detail
  • excitement
  • gentle
  • hunger
  • intensity
  • life
  • romance
  • strong emotions
  • warmth

Orange signifies a clear call to action and encourages consumers to sell, buy and subscribe. It also makes people feel happy and filled with vitality. It’s less aggressive than red.

Orange may stand for:

  • change
  • energetic
  • enthusiasm
  • excitement
  • sophistication
  • warmth
  • wealth prosperity

Yellow is a warm, energetic color that causes people to feel cheerful. It is often used to grab a window shopper’s attention and encourages communication and optimism. Perhaps, therefore, McDonald’s uses yellow to stimulate appetites of its customers.

Yellow causes:

  • anger
  • caution
  • enthusiasm
  • eye strain
  • frustration
  • happiness
  • hunger
  • intensity
  • laughter
  • tears in babies
  • warmth

Together red, orange and yellow which are next to each other on the color wheel all stoke feelings of energy, optimism, and happiness.

Blue is a cold color and causes people to feel a sense of security and like they are in a non-invasive situation. It may be why people are more productive in blue rooms. People feel secure and like they can trust the environment.

Blue makes people feel:

  • calm
  • less hungry
  • peaceful
  • productive
  • serene

Green encourages consumers to feel relaxed and wealthy in consumer settings. Oftentimes brands that want to seem green and environmental, or a product that signifies new growth are often a shade of green. This color is quite versatile, has strong cultural associations, can feel playful, and can reinforce the idea of rebirth, prosperity, and money. This color is lovely in marketing designs for banks or green fields. Coloring something green may increase sales.

Green can evoke the sense of:

  • calmness
  • cool
  • envy
  • growth
  • harmony
  • health
  • natural
  • tranquility

Purple colors are often used in anti-aging and beauty products because the hue is associated with success, wealth, and wisdom. It could be inferred that women who use purple marketed products are brand wise, imaginative and creative.

Purples evoke a sense of:

  • calmness
  • elitism
  • exotic
  • mystery
  • prosperity
  • regal
  • respect
  • royalty
  • sophistication
  • spiritual
  • success

Together the cool colors like purple, blue, and green can cause people to feel calm, soothed or sad. Cool colors work well to boost creativity, get the brain firing, and strike the balance between serenity and stimulation.

Regardless of the color you choose know that it will always appear a bit different on various screens due to the light source. All have different spectra which will shine in such a way that some parts of the colors are diffuse, absorb, scatter, or reflect light differently. Eyes then figure out the color. Computers don’t see color precisely the same color people do. In fact, two people can look at the same color and see it completely differently. It’s called Observer Metamerism. Keep this in mind when designing email campaigns.

How Color Impacts Newsletter Design

White text for mascara

White makes buyers feel fresh and clean as well as modern and youthful. It’s the most versatile color in a designer’s arsenal. The mixed fonts along with white colored letters in #FFF pulls off a modern yet youthful look. White often evokes a feeling of goodness, purity, and innocence and serves as a base for many other colors. It makes spaces feel bright and spacious, but it can also feel as sterile as a doctor’s office. Women long for a youthful and modern look. With beautiful blue eyes, long lashes and white font, women may be encouraged to come up with new ways to increase the length of the lashes.

But colors aren’t universal. Color and culture impact one another greatly. The color black in one part of the world evokes the memory of death whereas white can have the same feeling in Asian cultures.

Black Email Design Ideas

Hamlet email campaign

Black feels powerful, sexy, ominous, and mysterious. In fact, when sports teams wear black jerseys during a game, they’re more likely to become penalized because they are perceived as more aggressive than the other team in any other color jersey.

Think about tactical teams and police officers, both wear black.

It’s often used during mourning, but Egyptians believed this color symbolized rebirth.

It can evoke feelings of death, evil, authority, or sophistication.

The black on the background is #000, the sans-serif white font is #FFF. The email header looks deadly, a bit evil and quite sophisticated which all embodies the themes of Hamlet in this email example.

Silver Email Template Designs

orange sports car with silver font

Silver looks great on vehicles and it makes people feel as though the silver product is creative and modern just like this slick roadster. The sans-serif font in colors like E7F0EC and D3E0DC are greys that reinforce the modern, innovative and slick designs of the sports car.

Red E-Newsletter Design Ideas

red impacts email designs

Red is a bold, look-at-me-now color that makes the viewer feel confidence, power, and action. For some people, it may make them imagine things they like naturally like cherries, strawberries, and lipstick. The colors C42915 and 000000 make this email header seem bold, eye-catching, sexy and mysterious.

Pink E-Newsletter Design

pink email design template

The lighter version of red—pink—is calm, feminine and makes people feel romantic and love. This email header was created using different pinks to evoke a feminine, loving feeling with Hex colors including FD0064, ED337C, DC6f98, and D290AB.

Pinks often elicit the feeling of youth and luxury. From bright to muted shades pink can strongly express a brand’s personality. Think about two or three accent colors that work well with pink to highlight new products, features or brand traits.  

Pinks can have a calm and warming feeling that reinforces womanhood. It’s such a powerful color that some prisons will paint their jail cells pinks to calm aggressive inmates.

Blue Ideas for Newsletters

blue email design template for shirts

Classic blue feels calm, stable and trustworthy. The plain white t-shirts are depicted next to two of these beloved shades. They’re both blue. The deep blue and light blue colors are synthesized by scientists as the most popular color in the world. The deep blue is #000845 and the light blue is #7ec0fa.

Blue is the so-called “king of colors” because it’s popular worldwide and reinforces intelligence and maturity. Often tech companies use blue in their marketing to reinforce the idea that the company should be taken seriously. Not only is the color strong, but it’s also because of its strength that it causes people to feel secure, trusting, and calm. 

Green and Sea Green Email Template Ideas

sea green and blue email campaign

Blue and green are also good as office colors as they make workers feel calm and centered. Cross-culturally the most popular color is a saturated blue—the same color of clean lakes, sapphires, and clear skies.

It’s been scientifically proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and decreases respiration. Heart rates drop just thinking about a vacation.

The background image provides a peaceful sea green whereas the orange #FA6900 and the sandy color of #e0e4cc reinforce the serene scene with no eyestrain.

Often Hawaiian blues like teal, turquoise, sea green, and dazzling blues reinforce the idea that the brand and marketing mirror the tranquil, peaceful and calmness associated with the brand, product, or service.

Yellow Emails Make People Happy

yellow email design template

Yellow boosts happiness and orange is an energizing, stimulating, and enthusiastic color that’s been known to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate it.

The bright yellow bus depicted in this email header brings back the most bucks from any old color of a vehicle. In fact, the average resale of a yellow vehicle averages 18.5% higher than any other color car.


Yellow stands out in the crowd. Buyers act like honeybees drawn to the color. Plus, yellow is an uncommon color and it depreciates less quickly than other colors. Besides, men love yellow cars and trucks because they’re fancy and only depreciate 25.8% over time. Other colored vehicles depreciate at 30.9%.

Color matters.

To get the yellow, orange and pink on the side of the van include #BD1550, #FBA321, and #490A3D.

Gray Colored Email Template Design

grey email design idea

Gray colors work well with people who value subtlety or are middle-of-the-road. The hue can also produce the effect of making people feel passive, lack energy or feel uninvolved. Grey is also timeless, may be depressing, and practical.

This cool, balanced, and neutral color feels often emotionless. It’s malleable too. Sometimes it can feel dingy and dirty and other times it’s both sophisticated and formal. Sometimes it can be associated with depression, loss, or mystery.

Darker greys feel more masculine whereas lighter grays with a bit of lavender them feel much more feminine. These colors go by name names: slate, charcoal, gunmetal and more. To use the same colors in the background and font use #96901, #FFF, and #FF999.

Brown Responsive Emails

brown email design idea

Many like brown because it makes people feel secure, down-to-earth, and strong.

The colors used in this email header are #219ba7, #0d3d42, and #3f2518.

Natural browns give people a natural support and stability. It feels well established, old-fashioned and rugged. Browns are often used in outdoor sports and farming marketing materials.

Brown reinforces:

  • comfort
  • friendship
  • mourning
  • natural
  • organic
  • reliability
  • sadness
  • security
  • stability
  • warmth

Purple Ideas for Email Designs

purple email design idea

Purple is amazing to capture a sense of royalty, creativity, and luxury. It makes the content seem wise and spiritual and even exotic.

This luxurious brand of ice cream is from the Philippines can make anyone feel soothed. It is made of purple yams and is a strong element in sweet treats within the country. Yams aren’t particularly luxurious, but yam ice cream is exotic and rich. Not only is this flavor delicious, but it is also filled with a subtle, earthy, flavor.

The colors that support this luxurious flavor include #FFF5DE, #B8D9C8, and #750E49.

The Worst Colors for Email Designs

greenish-brown colored email template

Nearly all adults dislike the color of brownish-green. It evokes the memory of poo, snot, and rotting vegetation which may work well for companies that specialize in this sort of clean up.

The colors used in this email header include #6e52e, #657207, and #AE6618 and are all in the brownish green family.  This may reinforce the idea of getting a bathroom cleaning service or anything that may turn a regular Joe’s stomach.

Where Can You Find Free E-Newsletter Template Designs?

You don’t have to know CSS or HTML to make an email template. Many programs have WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editor that allows you to form a close resemblance of the appearance of how the email will turn out when delivered.

Consider the following email templates for your next campaign:

What Is Responsive Email Design and Why Is it Important?

Responsive design means that emails are readable on all tech devices including iOS Mail app, Android 4.x Email, Windows Phone 7.5, Blackberry Os7 and Blackberry Z10. 

That means if you develop an amazing email blast, you’d better make sure your readers can access it.  If it looks bad, they’ll just delete it. But that’s not to say email marketers won’t get another chance in the future. Most people look at their phones more than 150 times per day.

Responsive design is important because it uses a variety of techniques that allow media queries, fluid images, and fluid grids allow the content to be accessed on any device.

Responsive design allows email marketers to change the content’s hierarchy, navigation, fonts, layout, images and more.

In responsive designs for third-party users, it’s best to use a single column layout that is 32- by 480 px view. It makes it easy to read on smartphones.

It’s great if you have a call to action button that’s at least 44x44px in size. It’s a size that’s easy to tap on a hand-held device.

Consider using grid-based layers and make sure to keep it simple. Try to set emails up in an F shaped pattern so that people will read the headline and then skim the page in an F shaped fashion. It will help to use sans-serif fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Georgia. Then keep your color choices to a minimum.

This is exceptionally important because 80.3% of people will simply delete your email campaigns if they’re not optimized for mobile.

In the end, if you’re shooting for a 24.7% open rate, a 4.19% open rate and an 11.88% click-to-open rate you’re within the average for all industries. Try these tips to see if you can increase your average.

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