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Why Schema Data Is Right for Your Website

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When thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) most people assume that having good content will be enough to ensure success on the results pages. While quality content is a huge factor, the computers that generate results for search engines are still not very good at figuring out what the content on your site is all about. Thankfully, there’s a structured way to tell search engines what kind of content you have. By including information in the form of Schema.org data you can let sites like Google know what’s on your website. Here are the top three reasons why you should include schema data on your website.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

By including structured schema data on your website you can let search engines know what kind of information is on your webpage. If you have a blog on your website, then you can include data that specifies the pages in your blog are Articles. By knowing this information, search engines can rank your pages higher when people search for articles or similar pieces of information. If you sell products, you can include data specifying what type of product it is so that it shows higher in the results when people are searching for the type of product you’re offering.

Search engines love to provide relevant search results for the users. Including structured schema data on your website is the most efficient way to supply that information. While ranking higher is the most effective way to increase traffic from search engines, it doesn’t mean anything if people don’t think your website looks interesting enough to spend time on.

Improve Your Result’s Display

People will only visit your website if the search engine result looks like it will help solve whatever question they were searching for an answer for. Search engines like Google also use the schema data on your website to make the search result more attractive. In the example below, notice how the top result has stars representing how highly rated the recipe is, and it even shows how long it takes to make and how many calories are in it. The bottom result doesn’t have any of that information and doesn’t stand out nearly as much as the top result.

Example of search result with and without schema data

There are plenty of different pieces of data you can include, so no matter what your website is about you can include plenty of structured data to enrich your results. By making sure that you include all the information relevant to your pages you can not only rank higher in search results but also achieve a much nicer looking result that will entice people to visit your website.

Receive More Conversions

Of course, receiving more conversions from your search engine traffic is the ultimate goal of SEO. Schema data is one of the best ways to improve the relevance, ranking and appearance of your site’s search results. This will help people find your website who are interested in looking at what you have to offer. Without even having to generate more content and simply providing search engines with the content you’ve already created in a format that they understand you can achieve these results.

Get Started with Schema.org Structured Data

Interested in learning more about the types of information that can be included in schema data? The official site for Schema Structured Data has specifications on the numerous bits of data you can include on a website. If you’re interested in getting better search results, learn more about what types of search engine optimization services that we offer here at Schweb Design. If you need more than just SEO to improve your site, learn what steps you can take to renovate your website.