If you use TeamViewer your computer could be at risk. | Schweb Design, LLC

If you use TeamViewer your computer could be at risk.

We recommend uninstalling the TeamViewer program from your computer as soon as possible.

Although TeamViewer has had a good security track record and is one of the most popular program used for remote computer access, today we need to share the news that TeamViewer may have been hacked and we recommend uninstalling the TeamViewer program from your computers.  

Over the years we have provided remote support for our clients from time to time and have recommended TeamViewer as a tool to help us temporarily, remotely access clients' computers to give tutorials, demonstrate designs, and provide support.  Even if we have never connected remotely to your computer, there's a good chance you've used the program for your own purposes on your computer(s).

TeamViewer is stating that there has been "no security breach..." (see their official statement here) however many people are reporting they've seen unauthorized access to their computer via the TeamViewer program recently which is likely related to the attacks TeamViewer has seen.

Although information is still surfacing regarding this issue and they are denying a breach of data has happened, it appears their service could have been hacked and that the TeamViewer program is being used as an attack vector / open door to computers which have it installed and running.

For this reason, we recommend uninstalling TeamViewer from your computer immediately especially if you aren't using it on a regular basis.  

Need help uninstalling TeamViewer?

Please checkout the instructions here: https://www.teamviewer.com/en/uninstall

What is TeamViewer?

It is a remote computer access / desktop sharing program that can be downloaded and installed from www.teamviewer.com.

A few references for more information: 

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