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How It Works

At Schweb Design, we do what you tell us regarding the design of your website. It's your website, promoting your business, so you should have the complete say in what goes on it. Sure, we will be happy to give you ideas and brainstorm with you, but we won't push our thoughts on you. You can present your ideas, what you want; we are glad to implement your ideas. That being said, we are also hopeful to share with you our professional experience, knowledge, and expertise in all areas web design and apply it to your work. For our design process, you can choose between the following methods:

You Benefit from Our Unique Approach

"Work - Publish"

This is our most popular approach, especially with clients that work with coaches and consultants. Instead of giving you an upfront price for the whole project, (which usually is not correct anyway, because half-way through most clients experience ideas that change the course of the project) we do it in stages.

The first step is to sit down and decide what you are generally looking for. After that we will put together a homepage for you to look at. Then we keep adding pages and content from there, publishing it as we go, hence the term "Work - Publish." You get to see your website through all the stages. For maximum budget control, we give you a bill each week for the hours we worked on your project.

That way when the project is finished, you are done paying for it. And if you want to make changes a week, or even a year later, we simply bill you for the exact amount of time used. It is an easy, straightforward way to get your web work done.

Complete Time / Cost Estimate

We can give you a complete price up front that is for the entire project. The end result is that you usually pay more for what you get, and have less flexibility. If you decide to dramatically change things half-way through, we will need to re-write the contract, etc. That's why most of our clients prefer the accuracy of our "Work - Publish" option.

Our Simple Process

Step 1: Sign up  for your free consultation

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Step 2: Meet with us

Via email, phone, or in person to talk about the vision and marketing specifics for your site. We'll answer questions, discuss content, discuss project phases, offer suggestions, etc - ALL FOR FREE with no commitment!

Step 3: We create a design

We'll create prototypes and check them out with you until you get what you want or until you are ready for your website to be online! (*only applies to "Work - Publish")

Step 4: Put it online

When your website design and initial content (*only applies to "Work - Publish") or entire website (*only applies to Complete Quote or Package Site) is finished we will put your website on the World Wide Web.  The criteria for when your website is ready enough to be put online is entirely up to you.  We'll install your Content Management System or e-Commerce website and keep it hidden from the entire internet until you are ready for it to "go live."

Step 5: Draw traffic to your website

We'll submit your website's sitemap, domain, etc to Google and other search engines for you to increase your traffic. Read more about this here.

Step 6: Make money

Well, if you are a business you'll make more money. As the "word" and information about your business spreads and is accessible online, your website will be a valuable asset.

Website Types

work pubishPersonal Websites

Web pages just for you. Personal web pages are often used solely for informative or entertainment purposes. Typical personal web pages contain images, text and a collection of hyperlinks. Many can contain biographical information, résumés, important personal information, a place to showcase your work such as a Blog. A perfect way to share personal pages, pictures, and info about your hobbies and pastimes with your friends and family.

quoteBusiness Websites

Some examples of what you can do with a business website:

  • Online business card
  • Brochure
  • Collaboration with distant associates
  • Calendar of events
  • Outreach tool
  • Member directory
  • Calendar of events
  • Picture album
  • Newsletter
  • General announcement information
  • Training and education

packagee-Commerce Websites

Many businesses desire to sell goods or services through their website. There are many pros to selling online: a worldwide or nationwide customer base, simplicity of tracking orders and the low cost of creating an online "store front." Your store is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and your customers never have to wait in line and can arrive at what they are specifically looking for in an instant.