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Kingdom of Web

Once upon a time, there was a small kingdom called Web. The people of Web wanted to use this new invention called "the internet" to tell people in other kingdoms and all over the world about their products, services and charitable work. The people of Web went to their King - King Programmer - and asked for help with their aspirations. King Programmer, with his years of training and special education in something called "Computer Science" saw an opportunity for himself and he selfishly decided to hoard all the information about websites.

At first the kind people of Web didn’t know any better. They wanted websites and the only one in the land who could give it them was King Programmer. Since their livelihood depended upon the success of their websites, the people had some great suggestions they offered up to King Programmer.

"Shut your pie hole," came the crushing response from the King Geek Palace. "You don't know what you're talking about. Only I do. Only I know how to work this thing called the world wide web. And I won't tell you of my secrets." What a mean King. The people of Web started making up nicknames for him - King Geek... King Propeller Head.

About this time, a very small group of people in the Kingdom of Web started to organize themselves and plotted a revolution. This group, called The Designers wanted to wrestle away control from King Programmer and they launched their revolution. They had the right idea, at least to start, and that was that King Programmer wasn't paying any attention to how websites "looked." King Programmer was only concerned with the complicated mechanics of a website and didn’t give a fig about appearance or design.

So armed with new information that made constructing a website easier, the Programmers were able to offer the people websites that looked... prettier... more fun.  Sometimes they would have blinking graphics, swirling announcements, and even dancing bears on them. They successfully overthrew the harsh regime of King Programmer and this small group started to rule the Kingdom of Web.

And the people were happy.

For a while.

But then the Designers started acting just like King Geek had.

The people of Web still had some great ideas of how their websites should work. "Surely the Designers will listen to our thoughts!" they hoped. So they went to the palace where the Designers had set up court and offered their thoughts about how their websites for their organizations should work.

"Shut your pie hole," came the crushing response from the Designer Palace. "You don't know what you're talking about. Only we do. Your opinions are silly. You only need an animated introduction, pretty colors, and few dancing bears. Make that a lot of dancing bears. You will do as we command. "... "Oh and, by the way, your website bill just got more expensive. Even though we can easily do the stuff King Geek did in about 1/2 the time, we're still going to charge you for that AND another $5,000 for the design. Each dancing bear is going to cost you extra..."

What sad times in the Kingdom of Web.

But the people's sadness turned into frustration and the frustration turned into anger.

"Phooey on this" cried the people. "We depend on our websites for our income… to spread our message... we have first hand knowledge of our product, service or charity. We have a pretty good idea of what should go on our website. But rather than asking us or even listening to us, the mean Designers are giving us silly things that don't help our livelihoods and they are really expensive. ...and we still can't figure out how a dancing bear is going to help us!"

About this time, in the tiny hamlet of Lancaster, a few of the common people were learning not only the secrets from King Web, but mastered the skills that the Designers knew. They went one step further... they studied and studied and studied about... "marketing".

They were more concerned about helping the people get what they wanted... sell more furniture, get more accounting clients, sell more decks, sell more painting jobs, telling the world about their mission work in Ghana.

They developed a new way of approaching websites. They started interviewing the people who wanted a website. Before they even touched a single key on the computer, they asked the people of Web all about their businesses, their customers, and how they wanted a website to work for them.

They asked many thought provoking questions and some cases, really opened the eyes of some of the people of Web to ideas and possibilities they had never thought of. They wanted to know things like "What do you really want your website to do? To convert leads? To generate leads? To educate? What?" They asked, "When someone visits your website, what are the 4 tasks they want to complete?" They asked, "What are the top 3 questions someone viewing your website will have about your product or service?" They asked, "What are the top 3 objections someone has when considering your product or service?" Once these democratic fine men got the answers to their questions, they went to work.

They would start by constructing a logical homepage that took into account all the answers their customers gave them. They would show their work to their customers at each step of the way. They actually encouraged criticism and feedback. They vowed never ever ever to say "Shut Your Pie Hole."

Then they did something radical.

They said, "Let's only charge the people for the work we actually did. Let's charge them by the hour. Because it doesn’t take 400 hours like the mean Designers and King Geek said it did. We'll give the people our best honest guess of how long it will take and bill them only for our time worked."

"and... we will let the people start and stop the work as they can afford it. If they can only spend a little bit of money to get something started, we'll figure out together where is the best place to start. Then the people can save their money and come back and build onto their websites."

These honest smart people started becoming more popular, so they decided to name themselves Schweb. After hearing of such successful, silly names as Google and Yahoo, they decided to join the innovative name game themselves.

The people in the kingdom heard about Schweb and at first they scoffed. "This is too good to be true. These Schweb guys are saying they are going to ask me questions, listen to me, then bill me only for the hours they work? And they can help me even if I only have a modest budget?"

"Its all true" said the folks at Schweb. "It's just a more honest and logical way to give the people what they want."

The people of Web started calling Lancaster and Schweb began building their websites and working with them even after the website was "done" to improve upon it. The people who used Schweb were overjoyed. They were selling more decks, getting more accounting jobs, spreading the word about their college... like they never had before."

All was well in the Kingdom of Web

The End.

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