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Renovate Your Website

The majority of the clients we work with don’t need a new website, but rather they just need to make their existing website the powerful, profit-generating tool that it should be. Our successes with renovating or re-doing websites like the ones you see on our showcase page, making them really effective marketing tools, lies with the same belief and approach we at SCHWEB use for our new sites.

Renovating a website is not a scary process, especially when you have “remodeling experts” like Schweb guiding you through it. We actually invented a pretty cool method that systematically takes your website from being weak to being something you can refer customers to with great confidence. And if you like, we can “manage” the remodeling for you, so you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

Web site renovation can sometimes be cheaper than building a new website from scratch, as long as you have a strong foundation.

Just like a kitchen remodel, you may just want to change the hardware knobs on the cabinets (a really cheap website fix) or knock down walls and re-arrange the whole floor plan (which would cost a bit more).

Here's an insider’s secret to how other web Companies charge:

Much of the work and therefore your bill from a web company will be in the “programming”.  Sure, that’s only fair- it takes time for web experts to do all of the technical stuff that makes a website go live. But after that work is done- much a like a foundation- making “cosmetic changes” like improving your written copy and marketing offers are cheap when you compare the two.

By hiring Schweb Design to remodel your site, you’ll actually save quite a bit of money. You see, Schweb Designwill never charge you for redesigning your layout if you like the way things are currently laid out or moving your buttons if you like where they are currently located, for example... Schweb Design will never charge you for programming a content management system if your website works just fine as it is or custom CSS styling if something looks just fine untouched and is currently valid. If it's not broken, we don't touch it- unless of course you want us to. These are basic things that normally would only need to be done with a new website or extreme renovation. Essentially, you only pay for the work we actually do- and that work is communicated ahead of time.

If we see some “cracks in your foundation”, we’ll point them out to you for free. In order for your redesigned and improved site to be effective it must follow our Golden Rule: “Your website must accomplish the tasks the visitor wants.” To get a jump start on what to look for on your existing site, make sure to study "Preparing For Your New Website."

The good news is that some of this remodeling work can be done by you. “DIY” website renovation is popular with some of our clients who really don’t need any help with the marketing or the navigation / writing of the site. They wisely ask for our input, but they save tons of money by doing much of the work themselves, and just rely on Schweb Design for the technical stuff.

Some Helpful Tips on Improving Your Existing Website

  1. Always have a budget set up before you formally begin working with any designer. Ideally, find a website developer that is able to work in “chunks” or pieces so that you can make the more important changes to your site first. Watch out for website guys that will want the whole amount up front and slowly make the improvements you want- sometimes in the complete reverse order of importance! Learn more about our one-of-a-kind “Work - Publish” approach by clicking here.
  2. Start with the negatives. Write down, as clearly as you can, what isn’t working on your website. We encourage our clients to focus on what “isn’t working” rather than what they don’t like. Many (many!) times what the client doesn’t like on the website is exactly what his customers do like and shouldn’t be changed.
  3. Then write down specifically what you want your site to do. Specifically! “I want it to make more money for my business” is really not specific enough. Instead, maybe you want it to “Produce more leads,” “get people to stop by showroom,” “call me for an appointment,” "inform the visitors about my product or service," etc.
  4. Don’t look at your site or any other site when you’re doing this. This may seem strange- but we truly do things differently at Schweb. We’ve found that when clients look at their websites or other websites during a renovation process, they lose sight of the simple fundamental things their website should be doing. Don’t be overly impressed with what your competition is doing. This may sound harsh but your website is not about your competition, it’s not about you, but it is about your readers and customers.

Want to find out how much it would cost to renovate your site? Drop us a quick line, call us at 717.715.0993, or fill out our free, no-strings consultation form and we can have a free no-obligation chat or send you an email and give you a rough idea what things would run.