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Transferring your Hosting and Domain

Hosting and Domain Name registration with Schweb is simple:

For you to host your entire website with us it costs you only $24 a month (billed annually). For this price you can enjoy no page limits, a 25GB storage limit (with more storage available at additional cost), no database limits, no bandwidth restrictions, speedy connection speeds, 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime, as well as daily and weekly automatic website backups.

For you to register your domain names with us, it is only $19.95 a year for each domain.

Switching your website over is very easy - we take care of everything. We can interface with your current web host and domain registrar to make everything go smoothly, causing you no stress, while updating you on the transfer process.

Of course we recommend you utilize Schweb's hosting and domain registration opportunity; however, if you would rather not- we are perfectly willing to work with you and any web host you may already have (or otherwise decide to utilize). In all situations- you have control. Essentially, we give you the "keys" to your website- if you need to make changes yourself, we can immediately provide you with relevant passwords- you can also manage/access your email addresses in a variety of ways, update files on your website, and log in to your website to make changes (if you have a CMS installed). This arrangement works very well if you have some technical knowledge with websites.

Unfortunately, we have heard countless stories from clients about previous web hosts that are simply saddening. We've heard everything from stories about web hosts who charge $40 to $200 a month for just a few pages of website hosting and one domain registration with NO active work being done... to web hosts who take months to return calls and emails and charge you per minute for simple telephone questions. Fortunately with Schweb, you'll never be subject to expensive hourly fees to make simple changes like other developers charge, not to mention we are morally obligated to always be here if you have any questions, suggestions, or needs.

Ask About Transferring Your Website Hosting and Domain

Simply fill out this form to inquire about transferring your website hosting or domain and we will get back to you immediately.