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cPanel LogoWhat is cPanel?

cPanel provides a user interface to more easily manage common web hosting tasks. After you launch your website, you may find the need to:

  • Set up or view FTP account information
  • Set up, manage, or configure email accounts
  • Manage your databases
  • Manage your domains

cPanel provides a single interface to accomplish these tasks, as well as many others.

Who Should Use cPanel?

If you are unfamiliar with basic web technology like servers, SQL, and similar terms, it may be best to ask for help with cPanel tasks. Additionally, cPanel provides an interface to edit, delete, and create systems that drastically affect your website. As such, you should not provide cPanel access to anyone who does not need it, does not know how to use it, or does not have your complete trust.

How Do I Access cPanel?

cPanel is not accessed through your website, as it operates separately. Instead, you must use the cPanel login interface. Read the next section How to Log Into cPanel for more information.