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Why Schema Data Is Right for Your Website

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When thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) most people assume that having good content will be enough to ensure success on the results pages. While quality content is a huge factor, the computers that generate results for search engines are still not very good at figuring out what the content on your site is all about. Thankfully, there’s a structured way to tell search engines what kind of content you have. By including information in the form of data you can let sites like Google know what’s on your website.

Five SEO Tips for 2016

SEO Tips

While you might consider beefing up your investments in content, you’ll also need to put some time and effort into learning the rules for SEO in 2016 in order to leverage those investments. Gone are the days are driving traffic to your site by packing your headlines with keywords, according to experts, and the new SEO strategy revolves around yet another marketing focus: experience.