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[Closed] Position: SEO & Content Specialist

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Hiring Web Developer



Your Brain

You are intelligent, thoughtful, eager to learn and share.

You appreciate challenging, meaningful work.

You will be expected to be honest, responsible, and humble person.  A sense of humor goes a long way as well.

You are a fast worker, have experience prioritizing tasks, work well on a team.

You have excellent writing skills.  Voice, style, grammer, and syntax are important to you. (You caught that spelling mistake, right?)

You understand that sometimes there are many solutions to the same problem and are able to prioritize & balance research, accomplishing quality results, and schedules within well-defined limitations.

You will have your own stand / sit desk.
Standing Desk

You will get your own speedy company computer and dual-monitor configuration (or more) complete with SSD.

Laptop & Monitor

Work will be done on lightning-fast web server(s) with SSD's.


You will have the privilege of interacting directly with clients.

Client communication.

Freshly-brewed, free coffee every day.

Free Coffee

Schweb Design, LLC

We believe work should be:

done for a purpose



a learning experience

done with excellence

done with the heart of a teacher

Flexible hours:

40+ hr workweek available. 
Work whatever daytime hours you choose (between 8-5 ideal). 
Overtime pay available
Incentive pay available

Related tools we use every day:

Google Analytics, Search Console, etc

Moz, RavenTools

Adobe CC

Drupal & Wordpress CMS's

Asana, Dropbox, OneNote

Prefer different tools?  Great!  You'll have to share them with us.


About Schweb Design

Schweb Design is a small, expanding web development, design, SEO & online marketing agencies in the Lancaster, PA area.  We specialize in Drupal & Wordpress, harnessing the power and flexibility of open-source for the benefit of our clients, while contributing back to the open-source communities however we can. We believe business should not be done with a closed fist, but rather that work & the experience/knowledge that comes with it should be done with the heart of a teacher educating, giving, and adding value to the lives & businesses of our clients.  We believe websites are an investment and should be more than a hobby by making our clients money & increased profits and can be leveraged to give back to the local community


To Apply


Please read the job description below, then

Send us your resume & some examples of your work.

Job Description: SEO & Content Specialist


As a SEO / SEM specialist at Schweb Design you will join our current team of developers, designers, and SEO marketers doing search engine optimization and marketing. We believe putting the visitor first and improving visitor experience is paramount to SEO / SEM success while maintaining targeted focus pursuing the more SERP visibility and the better qualified leads for our clients. We strive to have the heart of a teacher because many SEO campaigns are performed as a team effort with client business teams.  We focus on the customer's goals over synthetic statistics (for example just more visitors to a website doesn't necessarily mean success if they are unqualified, they have a bad experience on the site, or they don't convert to a sale).

Quick reference:

  • Start Date: 4/30 or at your schedule
  • Hrs per week: 40
  • Weekends: yes if you prefer
  • Work: both solo and with a team
  • Average daily start time: 8-9am
  • Average daily quit time: 5-6pm
  • Holiday & Vacation pay: available; increase/accrue over time.


Best things about this job:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Overtime available
  • Opportunity to earn extra incentive pay
  • Opportunity to mold what your job looks like
  • Challenging, unique, & daily-changing work
  • Work with a wide array of clients and industries


Responsibilities & duties:

  • Devise, perform, and maintain ethical, white-hat organic SEO strategies including:
    • SEO research and analysis
    • technical SEO
    • website visitor experience improvements
    • content strategy & copywriting
    • link building
    • local SEO
  • Social media management, engagement, and promotion
  • PPC campaign creation & management
  • One-time and monthly SEO work across a wide range of industry websites.
  • Continued learning & staying up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices, strategies, algorithm updates, and relevant technology advances.
  • Work with the team project managers, designers, and developers when necessary to implement SEO strategies.
  • Work and communicate directly with individual clients' and their teams to share tasks and bolster SEO efforts where the client is involved.
  • Communicate with clients to deliver research & strategy reports, big picture SEO goal status, and progress highlights.
  • Research, plan / schedule, write, and promote persuasive and engaging content; Copywriting including website content, blog posts, and social media posts, etc.
  • Utilize tools such as Search Console, Analytics, Moz, RavenTools, Screaming Frog, and more.
  • Analyze competitor websites, SERP rankings, and SEO campaign efforts for perspective toward competitive SEO  strategy
  • Bachelors in a marketing, business, or related field or work experience. 
  • Understanding and experience of marketing for targeted, effective content strategy.



  • 2+ years of SEO experience.
  • Solid understanding of SEO best practices, ranking factors, performance marketing, conversion, and online customer acquisition.
  • In-depth experience with website analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.
  • Experience across multiple industry marketing and types of websites such as blogs, informational B2B, and ecommerce websites.
  • Experience with A/B tests and other experiments.


Top qualities & skills we want:

  • Strong ability to communicate efficiently with team members and clients
  • Strength in leading as well as working cooperatively with a team
  • Fast-pasted worker yet thorough and organized,
  • Ability to be analytical, and thorough with attention to details and procedures.
  • Strong time management ability
  • Despite all the tools available, ability to understand and prioritize the best SEO strategies to pursue for each situation
  • Ability to balance multiple SEO client campaigns across a wide range of industries and SEO goals.
  • Understanding of and the ability to target and balance brand image and the content strategy message, voice, etc depending on the industry, audience, or market segment.


Top 3 attitudes we want:

  • Self-managed with a strong work ethic. You will not have a strict regular agenda or be told what to do each day; You will have the opportunity to set priorities and goals for yourself as well as our clients, which affect their bottom line.
  • Appreciates a challenge and approaches it with commitment, earnestness, and enthusiasm
  • Have the heart of a teacher with willingness and ability to explain the how and why.


Send us your resume & some examples of your work.